Government Relations Committee

  • Members

    • Greg Davis – Chair
    • John Knox 
    • Patricia Yager
    • Antwon Stephens

    Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Heritage Conference Room of the HT Edwards Building unless otherwise notified. Flexibility required to accommodate guest availability.  

  • As elected representatives of one of the most diverse school districts in the state of Georgia,  your Clarke County School District Board of Education understands that its advocacy in the area of local, state, and federal legislation pertaining to education policy is critical. The Clarke County School District Board of Education understands that as an elected body, collectively, it must play an important role in promoting strong public policy for our local schools and for public education across our State.

    The Clarke County School District Board of Education closely monitors legislation so it can both inform and work with our Legislative Delegation and other elected officials regarding the impact of legislation on local students and citizens. The Clarke County School District Board of Education has created a Government Relations Committee (hereinafter known as GRC) that meets monthly to monitor and track legislative happenings in Georgia. 

    Ongoing Activity in Clarke County School District School

    • Developing an annual legislative agenda for Clarke County School District Schools Communicating with local, state and federal officials about the district's initiatives and legislative goals
    • Communicating with local, state and federal officials about the district's initiatives and legislative goals

    State Legislative Priorities

    Clarke County School District has six (6) priorities for the 2019 session. 

    2019 Clarke County School District Legislative Agenda

    CCSD Board of Education - Government Relations Committee

    The District's Role

    School Board members and CCSD staff serve as advocates for strong public education at the local, state, and federal levels. Part of the group’s work is to speak on behalf of all children and youth before governmental bodies and other organizations. 

    In order to comply with state and federal rules, the School Board and staff work with members of both political parties in order to enact change.  Clarke County School District Board of Education members or district staff participate in legislative activities that educate lawmakers about officially adopted School Board positions or support a particular piece of legislation that is in agreement with the adopted legislative program. This is done on a strictly non-partisan basis.


    We encourage interested students, parents, staff, and community members to learn about the issues facing public education in Georgia. This webpage provides important information and links regarding the legislative work in the state capital as well as our county and nation. It is important for our school system and society to have an informed and engaged citizenry.

    Who represents you?

    Senator Bill Cowsert

    District 46

    Capitol Office

    121- F State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334 
    Phone: (404) 463-1366

    District Information

    P.O. Box 512
    Athens, GA 30603 
    Phone: (706) 543-7700

    Senator Frank Ginn

    District 47

    Capitol Office

    121-I State Capitol 
    Atlanta, GA 30334 
    Phone: (404) 656-4700

    District Information

    P.O. Box 1136
    Danielsville, GA 30633 
    Phone: (706) 680-4466

    Representative Houston Gaines

    District 117

    District Address

    P.O. Box 1203

    Athens, GA 30603

    Phone:  (706) 424-9897

    Marcus A. Wiedower

    R - Watkinsville

    District 119

    District Address

    P.O. Box 623

    Watkinsville, GA 3067

    Phone:  (706) 254-3251

    Spencer Frye

    D - Athens

    District 118

    Capitol Address

    604-B Coverdell Legislative Office Bldg.

    18 Capitol Square SW

    Atlanta, GA 30334

    404.656.0265 - Office

    District Address

    P.O. Box 8101

    Athens, GA 30603

    Phone:  706-254-1679


    Georgia's U.S. Congressional Delegation

    U.S. Department of Education



    Legislative Updates


    Athens-Clarke County 

    Local advocacy groups

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