Technology Services

  • Students and teacher working on computers Director of Infrastructure Support Services: 
    Taylor Duke,
    706.546.7721, ext. 77602

    Administrative Assistant & Budget Analyst: 
    Shannon Dempsey,
    706.546.7721, ext. 77603

    Mission Statement: 
    Our mission is to maximize the potential of students and staff by providing leadership and support in the effective use of technology.

    District Improvement Goals and Division Strategies:

    • Develop and maintain a district culture that supports our core values. Increase and improve avenues of communication through technology-based systems.
    • Build strong and positive relationships among our students, families, community members, schools, all school district employees, and the Board of Education members.
    • Increase and improve avenues of communication to parents and the community through technology-based systems.
    • Excel in student and staff performance.
    • Provide structures, support, and resources to improve student and staff performance.
    • Design and Implement a Comprehensive Process for Continuous Improvement.
    • Improve the efficiency of our organization and operations.
    • Provide information systems that increase the efficiency of district operations.
    • Implement policies and procedures to provide greater efficiency in budgeting for technology resources.

    Need help?

    It is always best to create a Helpdesk Ticket if you're at work. However, if you can't access the helpdesk, you can ask a colleague to create a ticket on your behalf or you can contact Shannon Dempsey ( in Technology Services with a description of your issue and she'll enter a ticket for you. If you have no access to email (work or personal), please phone Shannon at 706.546.7721, ext. 77603 for assistance.