Social Workers - A Resource for School Success

  • Students, families, schools, and communities are pressured by many serious problems that can impact school success. Clarke County School District social workers are available to assist students, families, teachers, and administrators with a wide range of social, emotional, familial, economic, and other problems that may affect the academic achievement, school attendance, or social adjustment of students. School social workers link the home, the school, and the community, and expand helping efforts through community collaboration. Assistance is available to any student needing help. Please contact your school or the Student Services Department to request the assistance of a school social worker. 

Department Staff

  • Chrystal Gillis - Director of School Social Work

  • Angela Pope - Lead Social Worker

  • Jessica Reynolds - Secretary / McKinney-Vento Assistant

  • Allyn Carey - School Social Worker

  • Christine Chambers - School Social Worker

  • Angela Gay - School Social Worker

  • Shenica Hunter - School Social Worker

  • Valarie Norwood - School Social Worker

  • Beth Pifer-Mills - School Social Worker

  • Dy’Nazha Hughes - School Social Worker

  • Fran Thompson - School Social Worker

  • Katie Wheeler - School Social Worker

  • Kellee Williams - School Social Worker