College Admissions Testing

  • PSAT

    The PSAT or “practice SAT” is administered at CCHS in October every year during school hours.  All students who register for the test (plus all 10th grade students) will be given a Student Guide to the PSAT but it is also available via download.

    The PSAT is free for all 10th grade students.  9th or 11th grade students must register for the test and pay a registration fee. There are a limited number of fee waivers available upon request.  

    All college bound juniors should take the PSAT for practice and entry into the National Merit Scholarship Contest. Please note--the PSAT is only offered once per year and there are no makeups.  Alternate entry is available for the National Merit Scholarship Contest but ONLY if students meet hardship requirements--failing to register for the test does NOT count as a hardship and alternate entry will not be allowed for these circumstances. 

    Contact your counselor for more information about the PSAT.


    SAT and ACT 

    The SAT and ACT are college admissions tests and are generally required for admission to most 2 and 4 year colleges (some schools are test optional).  Students should plan to take the SAT and/or the ACT in the spring of their junior year and retake one or both tests in the fall of their senior year.   If students plan to dual enroll in college while in high school, an earlier test date may be needed. 

    Students may be eligible for test fee waivers.  Contact Ms. Savage ( or Mr. Smallwood ( in the counseling office for assistance.

    SAT and ACT test dates and registration information are available on our College Admissions Testing Schedule.

    Students may register for the ACT online at and the SAT online at  


    Test Preparation Resources

    There are a number of wonderful free resources to assist students with test preparation.  We've listed a few below.  We strongly encourage students to utilize these resources:


    Requests for Accommodations

    Students who wish to apply for accommodations on ACT or College Board exams (SAT, PSAT, AP, etc.) must follow instructions provided at and/or  Students requesting accommodations should contact the following individuals at least three months prior to the test registration deadline to ensure processing of accommodations:

    Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) should contact:

    Ryan Johnson at or 706-357-5200 ext: 17506

    Students with Section 504 Plans should contact:

    Catherine Melton at or 706-357-5200 ext:  17298



    The Accuplacer is a placement exam used by technical and some two-year colleges. CCSD uses it for placement in college-level courses at the Athens Community Career Academy.  Accuplacer testing for dual-enrollment purposes is offered throughout the school year.  Seniors applying to college (for enrollment after graduation) are not eligible to participate in the school-based testing and must test at a college--typically the institution to which they're applying. Test prep is available at .


    Want to learn more about college entrance exams?  Please view our College Entrance Exam Information


    This information is posted for your convenience and should not be construed as comprehensive or complete. Always check with the testing agency for updated information.