Summer Meals: The Basics

  • The Clarke County School Nutrition program will pack and serve lunch meals to select sites around the community this summer! The menu is still being planned, but this year, students will be able to make choices from carefully packed coolers and insulated hot boxes.  This means, students will get to select at a minimum three of the five menu items that will be offered.  Most days, the menu will consist of an entree choice, a fruit choice, two vegetable choices, and milk.  Students will not have to take one of everything, but they will need to make a selection that meets our meal requirements.  Trained SN staff will be onsite to serve meals to ensure that meals selected meet the guidlelines set by USDA.

    All meals will continue to be offered at no cost to children ages 0 - 18 years of age.

    Summer Meal Dates: Monday, June 3rd - Friday, July 19th

    Summer Meal Service Times: 11:00am - 1:00pm

    Length of Meal Service: 20 - 30 minutes per site


Summer Meals: What Sites Need To Do

  • Interested summer meal sites may contact the School Nutrition Central Office at 706.354.1138.  If you would like to partner with our program to get summer lunch meals for your program, please fill out the "Summer Meal Site Contact Information Form."

    Form Submission Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2019 

    Mandatory Meal Site Training: TBD

    Meal Site Points to Consider:

    • Allowing students to make choices will reduce waste, and hopefully, increase consumption.  However, we will need to work together to develop a system that allows choices to be made in an organized and efficient manner.  
    • Brainstorm with your site teams to determine if there is a location at your facility where our bus or van could pull up and be mostly covered as well as mostly shaded to allow us to serve meals even in inclement weather.
    • SN will take on handle meal service, but adults assisting with the site will need to be present to help children line up, make selections, and be accounted for on our tally sheet.

Summer Meals: Timeline

  • February - March 2019:

    • Gather commitments from sites within the community
    • Finalize summer menu offerings
    • Submit product usage to vendors

    April 2019:

    • Develop meal service routes
    • Share meal service times with summer meal sites
    • Develop and plan mandatory training for operators of summer meal sites

    May 2019:

    • Coordinate initial summer meal orders
    • Conduct mandatory training for operators of summer meal sites

    June 2019:

    • Start feeding students as part of a new, broader summer meal mobile feeding program
    • Monitor complaince of USDA rules and regulations