2022-2023 LSGTeam Evaluation Report Summary

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LSGTeam Training

  • The Charter System Foundation provides live and online training opportunities. A link to their presentation in Athens, Georgia on August 23, 2022 can be found here. In addition, it is highly recommended that LSGTeam members review a series of online training modules from the Charter System Foundation. The videos were created by the Carl Vinson Institute at the University of Georgia with input from CCSD staff. They run 15 to 20 minutes and are available here. These videos cover six important topics:

    • Best practices for effective meetings
    • School governance teams roles and responsibilities
    • Curriculum, assessment, and instruction
    • School operations
    • School finance and allocations
    • Human resources and resource allocations


    Effective Meeting Resources

    LSGTeams should use the Democratic Rules of Order to conduct their meetings. Listed below are several resources which will help LSGTeams run their meetings smoothly:


    Secretary Resources

    LSGTeam secretaries have a critical job. Their responsibilities are: