LSGT Training

  • Understanding core school district functions and how Local School Governance Teams operate is critical for teams to work well and effectively support their schools. In the 2019-2020 school year, CCSD provides two in-person training classes for LSGT members:

    • Introduction to LSGTs--new team members
    • School Growth Plan Development and Monitoring--all LSGT members


    In addition, new team members should review a series of online videos from the Charter System Foundation. The videos were created by the Carl Vinson Institute at the University of Georgia with input from CCSD staff. They run 15 to 20 minutes and are available here. These videos cover six important topics:

    • Best practices for effective meetings
    • School governance teams roles and responsibilities
    • Curriculum, assessment, and instruction
    • School operations
    • School finance and allocations
    • Human resources and resource allocations


    LSGT Introduction Training

    The introduction training for new members provides an overview of the charter system framework and local school governance team operations.


    LSGT 90 Day Action Plan Training 

    The 90 Day Action Plan Training describes the plans that guide schools' core work each year and the process of developing them and monitoring their implementation. 


    Effective Meeting Resources

    LSGTs should use the Democratic Rules of Order to conduct their meetings. Listed below are several resources about them, which will help LSGTs run their meetings smoothly:


    Parliamentarian Resources

    LSGT parliamentarians have a critical job. Their responsibilities are:

    • Ensuring teams follow the rules of order
    • Keeping track of time and maintaining meet pace
    • Taking notes or meeting minutes
    • Posting meeting agendas and minutes online in their LSGT folder
    • Sample meeting agenda
    • Sample meeting minutes