Fall Meal Distribution Plans

  • Starting on Tuesday, September 8th...

    This fall, the Clarke County School Nutrition program will provide meals to students enrolled in CCSD schools in two ways:

    • OPTION 1: Curbside Meal Pick Up
      • Locations:
        • Clarke Middle School
        • Hilsman Middle School 
        • Whitehead Elementary School 
      • Days to Pick Up Food: Mondays*, Wednesdays, & Fridays 
      • Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
      • Menu: This menu will consist of both hot and cold menu options.  Hot lunch options will be served on the days when meals are picked up.  


    • OPTION 2: Mobile Meal Distribution (via CCSD School Buses)
      • Days Meals will be Delivered: Mondays*, Wednesdays, & Fridays
      • Route Times: 11:00AM - 12:00PM
        • The Transportation Department is working diligently to create routes.
        • Final delivery times will be shared after the routes have been tested during the week of 9/8.
        • Please plan to report to your child's "normal" bus stop on Tuesday, September 8th.
      • Menu: This menu will consist of cold and shelf-stable items.  Instructions for reheating certain menu items at home will be included when applicable.
      • Heat at Home Instructions are included on page 3 of the posted menu brochure.

    *On Tuesday (Sept. 8th), we will distribute meals due to sites being closed on Monday (Sept. 7th) for the Labor Day holiday.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will all CCSD students have access to the mobile meal delivery option?

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    Yes!  At this time, we are only opening some of our school sites, but the operating sites that are serving the bus routes will provide meals for all students in a specific geographical area.  For example, Cleveland Road Elementary will be preparing and packaging the meals for the mobile bus routes that serve both Cleveland Road and Timothy Road school communities.

    The best way to ensure that your students receive meals through mobile meal delivery is to fill out this Meal Delivery Options Survey!


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  • I want to change my curbside selection to mobile, what do I do?

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    We want to provide convenient access to school meals for all of our students. If you need change your selection, you can contact our office by calling us at 706.354.1138 or emailing us directly.  The emails to use are listed on our school nutrition program homepage.  We will make sure that your request reaches the correct departments and/or people.

    Same applies if you want to change your mobile selection to curbside. Just let us know your change.

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  • How do parents, who are hosting several students from different families, provide documentation?

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    This is a great question!  To provide some background, USDA made it clear that even during this pandemic, they wanted us to see children when meals were handed out.  This is a basic requirement for all child nutrition programs since our goal is to feed children!

    We recognize that it is not always possible for parents to load up their children due to space constraints in their vehicle or due to the meal pick-up/delivery conflicting with virtual learning.  However, we are responsible for devising a plan that ensures that meals are reaching eligible children.  Because of this requirement, we will implement a new process that requires documentation from the parent that shows how the parent is connected to the student receiving the meal.  Please keep in mind this process will evolve as we learn what works and doesn't work with our two meal distribution models.

    For children enrolled in a CCSD school, documentation may include the following:

    --School Report Card that shows student's name and ID number.

    --Student ID Card

    --Infinite Campus Parent Portal - display student information from your smart phone or print out student information page that shows picture, student name, and student ID number.

    --MyPaymentsPlus.com - Parents can create accounts (for free) that will display your student's name and student ID number or bar code identifier.

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  • The curbside pick-up window is not convenient since I am working at that time. What should I do?

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    Please contact our office to let us know that you would prefer an alternative curbside meal pick up window.  Based on this feedback, we will decide if it is feasible to provide a later pick up window at one or two curbside locations.  Or, we can see if the family would be better served from a mobile meal delivery route.

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  • Will my child's meal be delivered to our house? What about apartment complexes?

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    Buses will stop if the student/parent is out waiting for the bus.  When multiple houses are together, such as three houses, the bus will stop at the middle house for the three to be served.  For our apartment complexes and public housing sites, the school bus will stop at the complex's dedicated bus stop locations.  Students and families should follow social distancing protocols at these sites.

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  • My family doesn't eat meat products, so what can I do with these menu items?

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    At this time, we cannot offer families the opportunity to choose from the planned menu.  Families and their students that elect to receive school meals will need to take all components of the meal since we are not offering choices, and they are prepackaged into meal units.

    Additionally, we are not promoting any type of "share" scenarios because we want our meal distribution models to be as contactless as possible.  

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