Employee of the Month

  • EmployeeThe “Employee of the Month” program recognizes and rewards staff members for their service and dedication to the students and families of the Clarke County School District. Parents/guardians, staff, students, and community members can nominate any employee. Each month during the school year, the selection committee will award a winner.

    Nomination Process

    1. Any member of the CCSD community (a parent/guardian, student, staff member, community/business leader) may nominate an employee.
    2. The employee must work full-time and be employed by CCSD for a minimum of one (1) year.
    3. The employee can work in any department at any school/site location.
    4. The selection committee will review submissions to select a winner. 

    The nomination period for the 2023-24 school year is NOW OPEN! Please submit your nomination HERE. The first winner of the school year will be announced in early September. 


    Scott Thompson
    Communications Specialist
    thompsons3@clarke.k12.ga.us • 706-546-7721, Ext. 79412

  • 2023-24 Winners

    EOM - Chaffin

    "Candida is one of those teachers that students will always remember and look back on their year in her class fondly. She is one of those co-workers you can always depend on and turn to for help. She is an outstanding teacher.” ~ Anne Wise, Gaines Elementary Media Specialist


    "She communicates regularly with us about any concerns with basic needs, and she knows him better than anyone! She also knows when to push him out of his comfort zone a little. We very much appreciate knowing he is in good hands each day. It is clear that Ms. Hannah truly loves our son and is committed to helping him live his best life every day!” ~ Parent nomination of Hannah Gorman

    EOM - Faglier

    “I have worked in Clarke County for 20 years and think Ashleigh Faglier is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve seen. I love that I get to watch her teach and build relationships and be part of her team! I am a better teacher because of Ashleigh!” ~ Karen McDonald, first-grade teacher, Whit Davis Elementary

    EOM - Bales

    "Mr. Bobby's dedication to his role is truly inspiring. He goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our school and demonstrates a strong commitment to the well-being of the students and staff. His positive attitude, joy, and enthusiasm for his work create a welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel appreciated and cared for." ~ Cedric Payne, Tiimothy Road Elementary principal

    EOM - December 2023

    “Renita is an advocate for all people – students, drivers, and monitors. She believes in all of us making it happen to safely transport students on a daily basis.” ~ Shurod Swift, CCSD Director of Transportation

    EOM - Morris

    “Ms. Morris is the epitome of ‘Better Together!’ As the counseling receptionist, she works with students, the Cedar Shoals counseling team, staff members, and outside agencies working with students to make sure that our students get the support that they need. The way that Ms. Morris supports us as counselors allows us to give our best to students as well. We love Ms. Morris!” ~ Christina Cotsakis Cordon, Counselor, Cedar Shoals High School

    EOM - Scott

    "Ms. Scott is an enthusiastic and dedicated employee who consistently demonstrates a can-do attitude while serving the students and staff at Hilsman Middle School." ~ Paula Farmer, CCSD Executive Director of School Nutrition

    EOM - Price

    “We are so grateful for the leadership, mentorship and encouragement that Ms. Price offers to each of her students. (She is) an inspiration to so many students, and this is why I feel she deserves to be recognized.” ~ Parent nomination


Community Partners

  • Thank you to the Athens-Area Chamber of Commerce, along with these businesses, for supporting our Employee of the Month program!

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