Employee of the Month

  • EmployeeThe “Employee of the Month” program recognizes and rewards staff members for their service and dedication to the students and families of the Clarke County School District. Parents/Guardians, staff, students, and community members can nominate any employee. Each month during the school year, the selection committee will award a winner.

    Nomination Process

    1. Any member of the CCSD community may nominate an employee (a parent/guardian, student, staff member, community/business leader).
    2. The employee must work full-time and be employed by CCSD for a minimum of one (1) year.
    3. The employee can work in any department at any school/site location.
    4. The selection committee will review submissions to select a winner. Employee identification information (name, location of work) will be redacted, enabling the selection committee to review recommendations solely based on the submission form content.
    5. Click here to submit an Employee of the Month Form.


    Beth Moore
    Communications & Partnerships Manager
    beth.moore@clarke.k12.ga.us • 706-546-7721, Ext. 20703

  • "There are so many exceptional things to say about Barrow 5th-grade teacher Kadijah Arnold. One thing that makes her really stand out is her thirst for knowledge! Kadijah is always looking for ways to grow and excel as a teacher, whether it is completing advanced degrees, taking endorsement courses, asking to change grade levels, or taking on leadership roles in our school and the district. Her thirst for knowledge extends to her students and getting to know them as individuals. She spends time learning about their interests, attending their activities outside of school, and connecting with their families. She models for her colleagues and our students what it means to be a lifelong learner and a truly dedicated educator." ~ Dr. Ellen Sabatini

  • Earlier in the year, the administrative team was conducting classroom walkthroughs and discussing the next steps for Chase Street – we were in a serious, “businesslike” mode. However, when I stepped into Ms. Lush’s classroom (my first visit to her class), it put a smile on my face! The energy in her room was contagious – our team could not keep a straight face! Students were happy and engaged in their work, independently, in small groups, or one-on-one with Ms. Lush or Ms. Wymbs (the classroom paraprofessional). Ms. Lush finds ways to use every moment as a teachable moment while accepting all the different learning styles of her students. It is amazing to watch her in action. The students enjoy being in her classroom, and so do I!” ~ Tracy Neal, Proud Principal

  • EOM

    For twelve years, Mr. Randall Watkins has been a dedicated and faithful employee! Mr. Watkins is an extraordinary teacher because he always goes the extra mile to support staff, inspires positivity, and uplift students. He is considerate, compassionate, and a consummate professional. Mr. Watkins is a master teacher because he reaches the heart before he teaches the mind. He is a master teacher because he authentically seeks to cultivate, empower, and meet the holistic needs of the students he serves. Every day, Mr. Watkins arrives ready to work, serve, and build our community. He is our ‘child whisperer,’ our model staff member, and a phenomenal member of the Hilsman and CCSD family. Thank you, Mr. Watkins, for representing our profession with unyielding dignity, compassion, and honor. Mr. Randall Watkins, you make us better every day.” ~ Capucina Douglas, Principal, Hilsman Middle

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