Employee of the Month

  • EmployeeThe “Employee of the Month” program recognizes and rewards staff members for their service and dedication to the students and families of the Clarke County School District. Parents/guardians, staff, students, and community members can nominate any employee. Each month during the school year, the selection committee will award a winner.

    Nomination Process

    1. Any member of the CCSD community (a parent/guardian, student, staff member, community/business leader) may nominate an employee.
    2. The employee must work full-time and be employed by CCSD for a minimum of one (1) year.
    3. The employee can work in any department at any school/site location.
    4. The selection committee will review submissions to select a winner. 

    The nomination period for the 2022-23 school year is now closed. The nomination period for the 2023-24 school year will open in August. 


    Scott Thompson
    Communications Specialist
    thompsons3@clarke.k12.ga.us • 706-546-7721, Ext. 79412

  • 2022-23 Winners

    EOM - Bell

    “Mr. Bell truly embraces his role as both a teacher and mentor. His actions demonstrate his ability to relate to his students and their families, which has allowed him to create a bond and a sense of trust. We are truly grateful to have Mr. Bell as a member of the Timothy Road Elementary staff.” ~ Cedric Payne, Principal, Timothy Road Elementary


    "She strives to find all kinds of opportunities to show students how music can be fun and important and an outlet for them. I think it is amazing for the students to see how many opportunities there are in life, and she allows these to happen." ~ Kim Costello, Teacher, Barnett Shoals Elementary

    EOM - Forrester

    “(Ms. Forrester) is a born leader and an integral part of the Alps Road family. She is committed to the students of Alps Road Elementary, holding them to high expectations. She is a team player, a hard worker, a dependable colleague, and an excellent educator." ~ Dr. Melanie James, Principal, Alps Road Elementary


    “This warehouseman (is) starting his 50th year of organized, on-time, reliable service, delivering food and consumables to our schools. He always has a smile to share good words with those who engage him.”
    ~ Mark Bailey, Plant Services Director


    "Ms. Kelley is a warm, loving, and dedicated paraprofessional who will do whatever is needed to support the students of Fowler Drive Elementary School. ...Fowler Drive is lucky to have such a dedicated person on our team. We love Ms. Kelley.”
    ~ Pamela Garcia, Principal, Fowler Drive Elementary

    EOM December

    "She models for others the definition of kindness, respect, and professionalism. She keeps a smile on her face and treats others with care at all times, despite the crazy and hectic pace of our building. I believe she is a example for our students of how to stay positive and optimistic at all times, even when life gets busy.” ~ Laura Hyer, ACCA counselor

    EOM November

    “Beyond his extraordinary gifts for working with technology, his glass is always half-full, and he brings a positive attitude to everything that he does. He is an amazing team member and a true joy to work with.” ~ Taylor Duke, CCSD Director of Infrastructure Support Services

    EOM October

    “Ms. Blackwell embodies humility and compassion for students and education. Once she was heard saying that even in her 37th year in teaching, she continues to learn new ways to teach and loves it when her students experience success resulting from her teaching. Because of her dedication to students and being a lifelong learner, she is respected by many.” ~ Dr. Bipul Singh, principal, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary

    Moment September

    “Mrs. Moment is the sweetest, kindest, and most helpful woman. She will do all that she can to help others. She is encouraging. She is positive. She is a true gem at Winterville Elementary School! We all are so grateful to have her with us!” ~ Dr. Carletha Pearson, principal, Winterville Elementary

Community Partners

  • Thank you to the Athens-Area Chamber of Commerce, along with these businesses, for supporting our Employee of the Month program!

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