• Classroom Instruction

    Classroom instruction involves lessons that focus on different areas of social-emotional learning, academic achievement, and college/career readiness.  These lessons will supplement the Second Step curriculum already utilized in Morning Meeting time (in homeroom classrooms), in addition to Bullying Prevention and Child Protection Units.

    Small Group Counseling

    Small group counseling is short-term in nature (4-6 weeks). It provides a safe environment for a small group of students to work together to gain support from their peers, along with their school counselor. Some topics may include school success, building resiliency, grief/loss, and specific social skills.  Note:  If your child is invited to participate in a small group, a permission form will be sent home for consent to participate.

    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling sessions provide one-on-one interaction with a student and school counselor in a safe and confidential setting—learning problem-solving strategies to work through the student’s issue or concern. Note:  Sessions remain confidential unless the individual discloses that someone was hurting them, they want to hurt someone else, they want to hurt themselves, or if they give permission to share with another trusting adult. 

    Community Connections

    The School Counselor and supporting staff (e.g. School Social Worker and School Nurse) can connect families with community-based resources according to the needs of the family.