• Wellness Program  

    The Clarke County Board of Education is committed to student wellness as a vital component of the School District's educational program. It is the Board's belief that:


    • Children need healthful foods and need opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn and thrive;
    • Good health is essential to foster better student attendance and achievement;
    • A strong District wellness program will have a positive, lasting effect on students;
    • Community participation is essential to the development and implementation of a successful District wellness program; and,
    • District educators should exercise the same leadership with respect to wellness that they do with respect to academics.


    Alps Road will implement the following policy to address nutrition concerns:

    • Students who bring their lunch are encouraged to ensure a balanced diet.  
    • Please ensure any snacks that your child brings will be for personal consumption only. Sharing of snacks between students or adults is prohibited.  If the student does not have a snack sized item, please be sure to pack the snack in a ziplock bag (or equivalent). Family sized bags of snacks are discouraged.
    • Students are encouraged to bring water or sugar free drinks.