Teacher Advisory Board (TAB)

  • The purpose of the Teacher Advisory Board (TAB) is for teachers to have the means to express ideas and concerns to district administrators through chosen representatives, and to offer input so that teachers may have a clear voice in district and school-level decisions regarding policies, practices, and other decisions. TAB representatives will keep teachers’ names confidential in meetings with building and district personnel so that teachers have the confidence to speak freely about issues they believe to affect the work environment, the legitimacy, and interpretation of policies, equity, or other issues of concern. 

    Recruitment for new members begins in January each year. If you would like to learn more about becoming a TAB member, or about the current agenda and goals, please contact one of the leadership team members listed below.


    Erika Douglas-Greene
    Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School

    Marc Ginsberg
    Cedar Shoals High School

    Jill Buchanan
    Whitehead Road Elementary School

    Mercy Johnson
    J.J. Harris Elementary School

    Grace Ayer
    Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School