Social-Emotional Learning

  • SEL graphicAs a part of whole child development, CCSD works to develop students not only academically, but socially and emotionally. CCSD follows the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning) model for SEL (social-emotional learning) instruction. This includes basing what we are teaching on the five core SEL competencies in multi-tiered ways.  

    We provide:

    • Tier 1 SEL Instruction (during morning meetings in elementary schools and advisement in middle and high schools)

    • Tier 2 SEL supports

      • School-based mental health supports

      • School counselor- or school social worker-led groups

      • Individual counseling support 

      • Behavior intervention support

      • MTSS

    • Tier 3 SEL Supports - individualized based on the student.