REACH Scholarship Program

  • REACH Scholars 2023-2024

    REACH Georgia is the state's first needs-based mentorship and college scholarship program and has been in existence since 2012. Each year, a committee works with middle schools and school counselors to help a group of recommended eighth-grade students apply and go on to a semifinal interview process. A final cohort of five students from all CCSD middle schools is selected, and those students go on to sign as REACH Scholars.

    Each student who meets the program requirements upon graduation is eligible for a $10,000 scholarship, paid directly to the post-secondary institution. The final scholarship award amount is often higher, depending upon the if the college matches the award amount. Students selected are also paired with a mentor through CCSD's community partnership with The Clarke County Mentor Program (CCMP) and receive additional support through their school counselor as their academic.  

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