HR Staff Directory

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
    Dr. Selena Blankenship,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20709

    Executive Director of Talent Management
    706-546-7721, ext. 20725

    Director of Employee Relations
    Meridyth Padgett,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20770

    Human Resources/BOE Office Assistant
    Doris Colbert,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20800

    Human Resources Executive Assistant & Evaluation Platform Administrator
    Kelly Wegmann,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20712

    Human Resources Specialist - Leave, FMLA, Substitutes, Absence Management & Unemployment
    Tesha Echols,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20716

    Human Resources Specialist - Benefits, Retirement, Employee Self Serve, Name/Address Changes & Workers' Compensation
    La'Tura Hunter,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20711

    Human Resources Specialist - Certifications, Employment Verifications, Para to Teacher & Field Experience 
    Jenna Bell,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20710

    Human Resources Specialist - Schools and Facilities**
    Julie Coile,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20713

    Human Resources Specialist - Schools and Facilities** 
    Lakeshia Jordan,
    706-546-7721, ext. 20746

    **See below for the designated Human Resources Specialist for each school/facility.

  • Click to See Schools/Facilities Supported by Julie Coile

  • Click to See Schools/Facilities Supported by Lakeshia Jordan

  • Click to See Schools/Facilities Supported by Tesha Echols (Julie Coile covering until Leave Specialist is hired)

  • The Clarke County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, religion, handicap, or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment practices.