Welcome to Whitehead Road

  • Welcome to Whitehead Road Elementary School's website. Whitehead Road Elementary is a special place with warm and friendly teachers, students, parents, and staff, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be principal. We are the home of the Koalas and our children are Koalaty Scholars taught by WRES's "highly koalafied" staff.

    Our school's purpose statement is "Working intentionally to Reach all learners by Ensuring targeted instruction is Streamlining Student Achievement (WRES)." I believe in working collaboratively with staff, students, parents, and community partners in order to continue enhancing our school and community. Through this collaboration, I believe we will keep moving our students and school forward in academic achievement, attendance, and climate & culture.

    Our school has over 800 outstanding scholars in grades Pre-K-5th who love coming to school every day. They truly believe in our motto, "When YOU miss school, YOU miss out!" We offer them a variety of classes in the areas of Physical Education, Art, Music, Science & Social Studies Enrichment and Social-Emotional Learning. Our faculty and staff are dedicated, caring professionals, who love and support one another as both, family and colleagues. Whitehead also has a very active PTO that plans and organizes many fun activities and events. This would be a great avenue for parents and community leaders to play a part in our school's success. They are an open, approachable, creative, dedicated, and fun group of parents who would love to have you join them.

    At Whitehead, we are committed to creatng a safe and orderly environment for all students and staff to learn and grow. We want our students to work hard individually, and as a classroom community, to create an environment where everyone feels valued and believe they can be successful. Our Koalaty Scholars live by our core "Koalas" values: K is for Kind, O is for Obedient, A is for Accountable, L is for Learning, A is for Attitude, and S is for Safety. We stand behind and believe in our core values.

    As parents and educators, we must form a strong partnership to ensure that all of our Whitehead Elementary students receive an exceptional education. I encourage you to participate in school activities and special events, as well as, volunteering to help when your schedule allows. We are on a mission to improve student achievement by guaranteeing learning happens for all scholars. It's so great being a member of the Koala Nation!

    Principal Braswell