Red Rover

  • CCSD employees, 

    CCSD has transitioned to Red Rover, a new absence-management, substitute-placement, and time-tracking software in place of AESOP/Frontline. Red Rover is highly intuitive and includes a wide range of capabilities that meet our needs.

    We officially went live with Red Rover on July 5, 2023, at which point you no longer had access to your account on AESOP/Frontline. The following items will help you transition to the new system with ease:

    1. red rover sample emailYou have or will receive an email from Red Rover directly. This email is your “account setup email." Do NOT ignore this email. The email notification will look like the image on the right:
    2. Once you receive the email, go to and log in using your provided email/username. Once logged in, bookmark the URL for easy access in the future.
    3. Upon logging in, click on the blue banner post at the top titled “Red Rover Training." Watch the Basic Training Video to get a high-level view of the system and how to use it.
    4. Below the training video in Red Rover, complete the “To Do” list, and review the linked help articles. You can also check out the Red Rover Help Center to learn more about the system on your own.
    5. Make sure to download the free Red Rover Mobile App for Android and iOS (Apple). Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store from your smartphone, and search “Red Rover K12” and download. Use the same login credentials to access the app.

    As always, if you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Tonya Arnold at or by phone at 706-546-7721.