Career Clusters/Pathways

  • What are Career Clusters/Pathways?
    According to Georgia House Bill 186, all public high school students in Georgia choose an area of interest in one of the state-approved career clusters. Each cluster has a variety of available pathways. The aim of the program is to connect classroom learning with real-world applications. Students select their pathway based on what they want to do after graduation. Students have the freedom to switch pathways – although the closer they are to graduation, there may not be enough time to complete all the courses in a new pathway. 
    Why is the state doing this?
    Career clusters/pathways are designed to blend rigorous academic work with technical preparation, provide career development, and offer options for students to experience all aspects of business or industry. 
    How will this change which classes a student takes?
    Students will take a certain number of electives aligned to their pathway, as well as ensure core courses are mastered.