Gifted and Advanced Programming

  • Our gifted program (also known as Spectrum) provides services to gifted and advanced learners at all grade levels. Our services emphasize the following:

    • Critical and creative thinking,
    • High order reasoning,
    • Extensive and advanced research skills, and
    • Advanced and accelerated academics.

Program Goals

  • We have four main goals that guide our daily practice. Our goals are to:

    1. Challenge gifted and advanced learners in a culturally responsive context.
    2. Support gifted and advanced learners in the development of social-emotional health.
    3. Expose all students to inquiry, creativity, and problem-solving to develop their talents.
    4. Build partnerships with diverse families to support student growth and success.


    Equity Initiatives

    We strive for equitable access to our gifted and advanced programs. Our equity initiatives are to: 

    1. Increase participation in gifted and advanced programming, especially for underrepresented groups.
    2. Train all teachers to have an assets-based mindset to inform gifted identification and teaching and learning.
    3. Ensure that our gifted identification practices include measures that minimize cultural bias.