Translation and Interpretation Services

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    Language Line updated posterPara leer el sitio web del CCSD en español, haga clic en “Translate” en la parte superior derecha de cualquiera página y seleccione “Spanish."

    Under federal law, every family has the right to receive information about their child’s education in a language they can understand. The CCSD Office of Translation and Interpretation connects CCSD families and staff with translation and interpretation services to ensure all families have the access guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Education. The Office of Translation and Interpretation coordinates LanguageLine access, provides translation and interpretation services for district-level documents and meetings, and works to support bilingual/multilingual families and staff throughout the district. We also serve as a primary point of contact for Spanish-speaking families needing communication support with their child’s school. 

    All CCSD facilities have 24/7 access to on-demand interpretation in over 80 languages via phone or video through LanguageLine. CCSD staff can find instructions for using LanguageLine here (log into your CCSD Google account to view). Staff can also request translation of documents or support from a district Interpreter using the links in the top row of the CCSD Start page.

    CCSD students and families can connect directly with an interpreter at no cost by calling 1-833-599-2058. Schools and teachers can help ensure access by posting and sharing this printable flyer

    For additional information or assistance, please reach out to us anytime at or call us during office hours at 706-546-7721, extensions 79405 and 79406. Se habla español.