• The Home Language Survey, which is embedded in the registration form, is completed for every student as required by law when initially registering in the Clarke County School District. This form determines if there is the influence of a language other than English. This survey contains three questions and will identify any languages other than English that are:

    • First learned or acquired by the student
    • Used by the student in the home
    • Most often spoken in the student's home

    Eligible students are screened with the appropriate state-adopted proficiency test, the WIDA-ACCESS for ELLs Placement Test (W-APT) for students in the second half of 1st grade-12th grade and the WIDA- Measure of Developing English Language (MODEL) for kindergarten students and students in the first half of 1st grade. The screening test determines the student to be either proficient in English or at a level of English proficiency that can benefit from ESOL services.