Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Department currently supports sixteen positions:

    • one administrative secretary;
    • nine campus security officers;
    • one security support technician; and
    • six certified police officers.

    The Department is responsible to provide on-campus police & security presence at each of the three high schools and four middle schools, as well as provide public safety and security services at our 14 elementary schools. The Department provides 24-hour district facility security monitoring, manages the District’s intrusion alarms, electronic controlled access, and security camera platforms. The Department is responsible for conducting background investigations on applicants, current employees, and others who may regularly participate in school activities involving students.

    The Department also manages employee photo credentialing and electronic access credentialing, develops and implements crime prevention strategies, provides security planning for large special/sporting events, and provides informal coaching/mentoring to students. Sworn personnel respond to and investigates on-campus criminal activity and coordinates public safety assistance with federal, state, and local public safety agencies.

    Among other thing things, our office serves as the center for GCIC and NCIC fingerprint and applicant background record checks. Lastly, this office maintains and regulates our integrated security and digital video systems for all of the facilities in the district.

    In a deliberate effort to foster professional growth and learning, staff members regularly attend annual specialized training that meets and often times exceeds state training requirements.

    Recognizing that safety and security is a shared responsibility, the Department participates in school-based monthly fire drills, share risk management strategies with administrators and provide information feedback through direct involvement and ongoing dialogue with PTOs, student councils, and periodical information publications.

    Schools continue to be a reflection of the broader community. The presence of officers on campus enhances the perception of safety by students, staff, and the community. The alleviation of disruption, crime, and violence in the schools, through proactive and preventive interventions, enhances the safe and productive learning environment for our students.