Coile Middle School Sports Programs


    The Clarke County Board of Education provides an athletic program at each middle school. The following sports are available at every middle school; Football, Basketball (boys & girls), Volleyball (girls) and Soccer (boys & girls). A certificated staff member of the school district coaches each sport. Students participating in sports must meet all requirements of the Georgia High School Athletic Association. The sports programs at the middle school level also must meet the guidelines of this organization. Only students in grades seven and eight are allowed to participate in the sports programs. In addition to the rules and regulations of the GHSAA, all students must meet report card eligibility requirements established by the local Board of Education. Students must pass six of seven classes on the report card that proceeds each quarter in which they participate in a sport. 

    These are competitive programs and students must attend "try-outs" and be selected by the coaches for the team. Students are discouraged from participating in middle and high school sports programs at the same time. CCSD middle schools adhere to the rule that students must participate fully in the middle school program before they are allowed to simultaneously participate in the high school sports program. 


    El distrito escolar provee por un programa de deportes en cada middle school. Ofrecemos los deportes: fútbol americano, baloncesto, voleibol y fútbol. Un maestro es el entrenador por cada equipo.  Los estudiantes participando en los deportes tienen que cumplir con los requisitos del Georgia High School Athletic Association. Solamente los estudiantes de 7º y 8º pueden participar y tienen que cumplir con requisitos de calificaciones—tienen que pasar a lo menos de 6 de 7 cursos de las clases en el cuarto antes del deporte. Los deportes son competitivos y todos tienen que participar en una prueba para elegir los miembros del equipo. También, todos los estudiantes tienen que tener un physical por un doctor antes de pueden jugar.