• Clarke County School District

    Adopt-A-School Program Overview


    The Clarke County School District is launching an Adopt-A-School program to strengthen ties between schools and the community. The program provides a pathway for schools and supporters to form partnerships to benefit students. These year-long partnerships are guided by plans developed collaboratively to meet the unique needs of the students served by each school and match the partners’ resources and interests.


    Program Components


    • Designated program liaisons, one from the school and one from the community partner
    • Collaboratively created partnership plan
    • Participation in/sponsorship of three school-based activities and one donation to the school community included in each plan
    • End-of-year summary report
    • Participation in a kick-off event and end-of-year celebration


    2018-2019 Timeline


    • June-July: Apply to program
    • August: Partner match and kick-off event
    • September: Co-develop and submit partnership plan
    • October: Begin activities
    • November-May: Implement activities
    • June: End-of-Year Reports and Celebration


    Sample Activities


    There are many ways organizations can support students and schools. By planning collaboratively, partnership activities will draw on the strengths and resources of the community partner and reflect the specific needs of each school and the students they serve.  


    • Tutor students
    • Participate in in-class activities (e.g. read a-louds, science experiments)
    • Organize/participate in school beautification days
    • Support school fundraisers and activities
    • Sponsor meals for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week or other educator recognition activities
    • Host/participate in career days
    • Hold sessions on college prep related topics (e.g. preparing a college application, financial aid form, practice interview skills)


    Program Benefits


    Students and teachers gain access to the knowledge, skills and resources of community partners, which can enhance existing school activities or create new ones opportunities for learning). Instead of contributing to one-time events, community partners can create meaningful and ongoing relationships with schools. Together, they can provide positive experiences for students and encourage learning.

  • Thank you for your interest.  We are no longer accepting applications for the Adopt-A-School Program for the 2018-2019 school year.