How to Contact the BOE

  • There are several ways to communicate with the Board of Education:

    For questions/issues regarding Board of Education administration, please contact:

    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Board Manager
    Lisa Palmer
    706-546-7721, Ext. 20701

    Public Comments

    • During the pandemic, BOE meetings were held online, and stakeholders could email public comments (to be read by members of the BOE during the meeting).
    • BOE meetings are now in person, and stakeholders are required to sign up and read comments in person.
    • The deadline to sign up to speak at a regular BOE meeting is 4:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
    • To sign up, please call Lisa Palmer at 706-546-7721, Ext. 20701. Members of the public must provide their name, place of residence, contact information, and speaking topic.
    • *Community members may also contact BOE members directly. Click here for BOE contact information.