COVID-19 Reporting Data

  • Data Reported Through 8/20/21

    As CCSD has done since beginning to report COVID-19 data, the district website has been updated with the total weekly number of COVID-19 positive cases and quarantines that occurred at CCSD schools and facilities. 

    Beginning Friday, August 27, 2021, CCSD will discontinue the weekly reporting method and utilize a new dashboard (see below). This week we are reporting the data both ways.  

    Beginning 8/20/21

    To provide additional clarity and real-time data regarding the number of cases of COVID in our schools, a CCSD COVID-19 Dashboard is available on the district website containing automatic hourly updates. We hope our community will find this additional data helpful as we work together to provide a safe learning environment for the students of Clarke County.

    • The CCSD COVID-19 Dashboard will display positive cases that have occurred in the past 14 days and 30 days across the district and by each school, with hourly updates. 
      • Previously, data was reported in 7-day increments and was only updated each Friday.
      • This new 14-day window will allow us to communicate more school-level data, as those numbers are typically too small to report in 7-day increments.
    • Precautionary quarantines will continue to be reported at the district level; however, it will now show the total percentage of students and staff combined to provide additional context for the data.
    • A graph of monthly counts illustrates trends at both the school and district levels.


    Staff and Student Privacy

    While making this data public, the district will continue to respect our staff and students' privacy. The personal health information of employees is exempt from disclosure under the Open Records Act, pursuant to OCGA 50-18-72 (a)(21). Similarly, personally identifiable information related to students is exempt under OCGA 50-18-72 (a)(1) and (a)(37) of the Open Records Act.

    However, in the interest of public health and transparency, the district compiles COVID-19 data devoid of any personally identifiable information and provides it to our stakeholders in a manner consistent with applicable privacy standards related to aggregate, de-identified data.

    The Clarke County School District will individually notify employees or students who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, in accordance with current Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines.


Weekly CCSD COVID-19 Data

  • Week of 8/13/21 - 8/19/21

  • Week of 8/6/21 - 8/12/21

  • Week of 7/30/21 - 8/5/21