Feeding Students

  • In-person instruction will begin Monday, November 9, 2020, for students in the Office of Early Learning, all students in grades Pre-K - 8, and students with Low Incidence Disabilities (LID). High School students will remain virtual, with a return date to be determined. 

    Beginning November 9, when schools open to students, school nutrition teams will feed students in school cafeterias. 

    • Breakfast: Food carts placed in common areas so students can “grab and go” and eat in their classroom.
    • Lunch: Students will go through the cafeteria line, social distanced, and eat in designated dining areas (based on the school).

    For students learning virtually, meals will be provided daily at curbside locations from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m at the following schools:

      • Barnett Shoals Elementary
      • Barrow Elementary
      • Burney-Harris Lyons Middle
      • Chase Street Elementary
      • Clarke Middle
      • Cleveland Road Elementary
      • Fowler Drive Elementary
      • Hilsman Middle
      • Howard. B. Stroud Elementary
      • J.J. Harris Elementary
      • Oglethorpe Elementary
      • Timothy Road Elementary
      • Whit Davis Elementary
      • Whitehead Rd Elementary
      • Winterville Elementary

    Food deliveries via bus routes will stop on Wednesday, November 6.