Uniform Guidelines  -  2022-2023


    Students are expected to be clean, neat, and appropriately dressed at all times. Students (and parents) are expected to use good judgment in choice of dress and ensure that the student’s attire conforms to the guidelines of this policy. A student’s dress and appearance shall always adhere to commonly accepted standards of decency, decorum, and good taste.

    The student’s clothing and appearance must not be a distraction, immodest, inflammatory, offensive, or pose a health, safety, or security hazard. Prohibited clothing and articles of clothing include, but are not limited to, those which contain any word, phrase, message, symbol, photo, reference, or anything else which is offensive, lewd, profane or sexually suggestive; promotes or advertises use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or any illegal substance; promotes or advertises participation in criminal street gang activity, advocates or indicates discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, religion, handicap, disability, or sexual orientation; or promotes or advertises illegal conduct or any violation of Board Policy or the Code of Student Conduct.

    SHIRTS: All uniform shirts must be collared shirts and solid blue, black, gray, or white (NO striped, plaid, sleeveless, or sheer shirts allowed). Shirts must meet the top of the waistband of the bottoms. All button-front shirts must be buttoned to cover the chest.  The only approved non-collared shirts are CCSD and collegiate t-shirts (these may be worn any day of the week).

    SKIRTS, DRESSES, SHORTS: Must be khaki, navy, gray, or black and must rest at mid-thigh. No cut-off, holes, or cut-outs allowed. Athletics shorts are not allowed.

    PANTS: Must be khaki, navy, gray, or black. Pants may be ankle-length, Capri, or cargo pants. Pants must be worn at the waist. Leggings may be worn under skirts, shorts, or dresses only. NO jeans, jeggings, exercise, warm ups or sweat pants. NO denim of ANY color. No cut-off, holes, or cut-out pants allowed.

    JACKETS/SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS: Jackets (and zipped hoodies) worn to classes must be solid colors with minimal writing or patterns.  Hooded jackets and hoodies must be worn with the hood down while in the building. 

    SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. House shoes, bedroom slippers, or wheelies are not allowed. 

    HEADGEAR: No skull caps, sweat bands, hoods, hats, bonnets, or wave caps/do rags. Headbands may be worn but cannot be more than 3 inches wide.  NO bandanas or headbands with paisley patterns allowed. Head coverings for religious purposes are permitted.

    ACCESSORIES: Sunglasses can not be worn in the building. Blankets and pillows should not be brought to school and are not permitted in the hallways or classrooms. Headphones, ear phones, and air pods can not be worn unless permitted during instruction.

    Special Occasions: CCSD team jerseys may be worn on game days. Acceptable dress for dress down days will be consistent with the district dress code outlined on our district’s website.