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    If you are interested in taking HIGH SCHOOL level classes, you only need to complete the ACCA online application (click "Click Here - Apply Now" above).  ACCA will contact you by email regarding your next steps.

    If you are interested in taking COLLEGE level classes (11th - 12th grade students only), in order to process your application we will need you to complete the following steps:

    1) Fill out the ACCA application (click "Click Here - Apply Now" above)

    2) Fill out the application to Athens Technical College - https://myathenstech.force.com/apply 

    3) Complete the Athens Technical College  Recommendation Form (use smallpdf.com to sign)and send it to Athens Technical College: ATC Recommendation Form Link

    4) CHECK YOUR EMAIL! There are a few other steps to complete before you are officially accepted into ACCA including a funding application and testing, if necessary.

    Let us know if you have any questions by contacting Mrs. Holliday at 706-357-5244 or hollidayb@clarke.k12.ga.us


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    ACCA Student Admissions Criteria

    To be considered for ACCA admissions, students must:

    • Have a minimum of (6) Carnegie units of course credit with a 2.0 high school GPAA
    • Commit to enrolling in a career pathway
    • Not be more than 2 high school credits deficient 
    • Must have an overall attendance rate of at least 90% 
    • Pass all courses in the semester prior to which they are planning to attend. 


    To be considered for college level classes:

    Rising 11th grade student:

    • Achieve the entrance assessment score requirements of:
      • ACCUPLACER exam with a minimum score of 249 (60) in Writing, 236 (55) in Reading, and 229 (34) in Arithmetic, OR
      • PSAT exam with a minimum score of 23 in Reading, 24 in Writing and Language, and 22 in Math
      • ACT exam with a minimum score of 12 in English, 13 in Reading, and 17 in Math, OR
      • SAT exam with a minimum test score of 24 in Verbal/Critical Reading and 22 in Math 

    OR a rising 12th grade student:

    • Have a HOPE GPA of 2.6 OR 
    • Achieve the above entrance assessment score requirements

    Additional Information

    • Part-Time students must take a minimum of (2) courses per semester.
    • ACCUPLACER  Exam:
      • Although administered monthly, students are only able to test at the Career Academy every 30 days. 
      • Students who test in the adult literacy range will be required to show proof of remediation (i.e. Khan Academy, ACCUPLACER Prep, etc.) before they will be allowed to retake the placement exam. 

    Application and exam scores (ACCUPLACER, PSAT, ACT, or SAT) must be received no later than April 30th.


    ACCUPLACER Next Generation Sample Questions for WRITING.pdf

    ACCUPLACER Next Generation Sample Questions for READING.pdf

    ACCUPLACER Next Generation Sample Questions for ARITHMETIC.pdf

    ACCUPLACER Next Generation Sample Questions for ALGEBRA.pdf