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    Our community overwhelmingly supports SPLOST, and because of that we are able to maintain a healthy systems renewal and renovation schedule in our district. Buildings are designed so that students best learn in today's digital and global world. From maps designed into the floor to exposed electrical systems to cut-outs in the walls for technology gathering-places, come and see what we have to offer! In several historical buildings, we have also seamlessly blended the historical with the modern - to spectacular results.


    The Clarke County School District is a state-level model technology district, with innovative teaching and learning happening at every level! In grades 3-9, students are able to engage 24/7 with tools including netbooks, Chromebooks and laptops. At all levels, the district uses Google Apps for Education to create continuous collaboration. While it is exciting that our students have this level of access to resources, the true innovation is the way in which our teachers use these devices. Join us to see student engagement taken to a new level with the use of digital devices.


    The Clarke County School District and Athens Technical College have formed a partnership whereby students can earn college credit - fully paid for by the school district! All courses transfer to any institution in the Technical College System of Georgia, and all academic courses transfer to any institution in the University System of Georgia. Students can potentially graduate high school and earn an associate's degree at the same time, or enter college as a sophomore. 

    The school district and the University of Georgia College of Education became a Professional Development School District in 2011, a nationally innovative partnership that improves education at all grade levels. Pre-K through 12th grade students benefit from more adults in the classroom. In addition, college students benefit from taking courses on site, observing and student teaching. Also, current teachers and university faculty participate in continuous learning. Because of this, student learning is improved through improved teacher preparation and more targeted professional development. 


    The effective use of data, collaborative planning and a strong focus on professional development are some of the keys that have led our district to higher-than-ever levels of achievement. Students are taking risks - successfully! For example, in 2014, the district did not require prerequisites for 8th grade students to take the high school Physical Science End-of-Course Test. Of the 235 8th graders that took the test, 229 passed and 195 scored 90% or higher. And for the 5th grade CRCT, student achievement has grown between 9% and 21% for every subject from 2009-2014. In 8th grade, each subject area has seen the percentage of students meeting/exceeding standards from 5% to 29%.


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