• Special Education

    Welcome to the CSHS Special Needs Department’s home page. Here you can find links to Special Needs teachers' contact information.

     Liza Burnsed - Department Chair - burnsedl@clarke.k12.ga.us - x21492

    Teacher's First Name Teacher's Last Name Teacher's email Teacher's extension*
    Chris Hulse hulsec@clarke.k12.ga.us 21360
    Karen Richburg richburgk@clarke.k12.ga.us 21215
    William Lowe lowew@clarke.k12.ga.us 21399
    John Gaines gainesj@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Rosa Cubbage cubbager@clarke.k12.ga.us 21413
    Eliza Fennelly fennellye@clarke.k12.ga.us 21328
    Josh West westj@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Bridget Paul paulbr@clarke.k12.ga.us 21432
    Julie Bartlett bartlettj@clarke.k12.ga.us 21498
    Stephanie Lewis lewiss3@clarke.k12.ga.us 21381
    Suzanna Haynie haynies@clarke.k12.ga.us 21301
    Randy Greene greener@clarke.k12.ga.us 21361
    Tyler Colquitt colquittt@clarke.k12.ga.us 21281
    Lakisha Bolton boltonl@clarke.k12.ga.us 21281
    Jennifer Goff goffj@clarke.k12.ga.us 21307
    Robert Olin olinr@clarke.k12.ga.us 21308
    Jason Bales balesj@clarke.k12.ga.us 21342
    Robert Hibbs hibbsr@clarke.k12.ga.us 21322
    Dana Nunnally nunnallyd@clarke.k12.ga.us 21320
    Becky Ross rossbe@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Teresa Page pagete@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Rita Raines rainesr@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Matt LaTocha latocham@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Belinda Cooper cooperb@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Jason Kirkby kirkbyj@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Doris Kelly kellyd@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Yuxue Gao gaoy@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Ashley Smith smitha3@clarke.k12.ga.us  
    Roderick Patterson    
    Treva Hunt-Colclough colclought@clarke.k12.ga.us