Authorized Distribution of Flyers

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    The Clarke County School District will follow these procedures when approving flyers to be placed in schools. These procedures have been implemented to provide efficiency and to ensure school-appropriate information is being posted. Requests are reviewed weekly and responses will be provided within one week from date of receipt.

    • Please submit requests via email (
    • Please submit an actual final copy (electronic or hard copy) of the flyer to be distributed.
    • Please include a complete listing of schools where you would like to distribute the flyer.
    • Flyers that promote events or items that have a fee must be related to financial aid or scholarships. The actual flyer/brochure must state the availability of financial aid or scholarships.
    • Flyers that promote camps, after-school and tutorial programs will not be approved due to the large number of requests. It is recommended that schools have a centralized location in their building where parents can pick up information on summer camps and tutorial programs.
    • Information intended for a specific group of individuals must not be discriminatory.
    • The Clarke County School District will not approve flyers that: promote professional services or merchandise or businesses; name candidates for public office or those that violate the school district’s anti-discrimination policy.
    • Approval letters only grant permission for the flyer that was submitted for approval. The letter may not be altered or used to distribute other flyers.
    • The approval letters do not grant permission to use a CCSD facility for a program or activity. School principals must approve events held at schools.
    • School principals have the ultimate authority on information placed in schools and/or distributed to students.

    You will be notified by e-mail whether your flyer request has been approved.  You must present the approval letter at each school where you plan (and have been approved) to distribute a flyer.  Flyers should be bundled in groups of 30 for easy distribution for staff and volunteers.

    Should you have any questions, please call the Office of Public Relations and Communications at (706) 546-7721.