Office of Assessment and Accountability

  • Mission Statement

    To build the capacity of all staff to improve student achievement by providing schools and divisions with the tools and resources needed to continuously improve.

    The Clarke County School District formed an Office of Assessment and Accountability in July 2009 to be the mechanism for:

    1. The administration of state and local assessments used by the state of Georgia and the Clarke County School District to monitor student performance;
    2. Support and accountability in regard to school and division planning. This office has the responsibility of monitoring the CCSD Strategic Plan and assisting schools and divisions to develop their capacity to implement and monitor their own improvement efforts; and
    3. The analysis and tracking of district and school-level data on a regular basis. 


    The Office of Assessment and Accountability is responsible for the following:

    • Assisting schools to develop and implement school improvement plans;
    • Monitoring the implementation of school improvement efforts through the CCSD Strategic Plan;
    • Directing the Cognia continuous improvement process;
    • Monitoring compliance with Cognia accreditation standards;
    • Serving as the schools' point of contact for all CCRPI issues; 
    • Preparing specialized data reports; reporting state-mandated assessment results;
    • The administration of all local and state assessments; and
    • The development and validation of local interim assessments.