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Carletha Pearson of Gaines Elementary Receives Better Every Day Award

Mrs. Carletha Pearson, Assistant Principal of Gaines Elementary School, was honored with our April Better Every Day Award.  Ms. Pearson has intentionally deemed advancing teacher knowledge and leadership ability (through Professional Learning) a top priority at Gaines. Through the CCSD curriculum network, and the AVID program, currently being implemented in the Clarke County School District, Mrs. Pearson happily provides teachers with focused weekly learning opportunities, directly enhancing stronger classroom environments and smarter student thinkers.

"When you walk into the room of a Professional Learning provided by Mrs. Pearson, you immediately sense a serene learning environment, and genuine love of sharing what she has just learned, or knows, with everyone in the room; her enthusiasm is catching," says Vickie Bettis. "It’s not unusual to find teachers gathered around Mrs. Pearson, conversations eagerly continued about a concept she has taught that planning period."

While on her way to other duties in the building, teachers will stop Carletha to share their successes. With a smile on her face, she always pauses and celebrates with the teacher. A smile and an enthusiastic shared high five are Mrs. Pearson’s trademark reactions to shared successes that extend the learning of both teachers and students.

Thank you, Mrs. Pearson, for making us Better Every Day!