GaDOE Recognizes 7 CCSD Schools for Implementation of Whole-child Strategy

DOE presentationMay 12, 2023

The Georgia Department of Education honored seven schools in the Clarke County School District for their exceptional implementation of the whole-child strategy during the Thursday, May 11 Clarke County Board of Education meeting.

The whole-child strategy provides a comprehensive approach to education, addressing students' physical, mental, and emotional well-being and academic success. By implementing the whole-child strategy, Alps Road Elementary, Chase Street Elementary, Howard B. Stroud Elementary, Judia Jackson Harris Elementary, Clarke Middle, Cedar Shoals High, Clarke Central High schools have demonstrated a commitment to creating nurturing environments where students can thrive and reach their full potential, according to representatives from the GaDOE Office of Whole Child Supports. 

The schools were recognized Thursday for achieving the “Engaging” level of implementation. This means the schools have “taken steps to build relationships with students, educators, faculty, parents, and the community to identify their needs, assets, and priorities” at the seven schools, said Justin Hill, GaDOE’s Associate Superintendent of Whole Child Supports and Strategic Partnerships. 

Hill also noted that the schools are providing the following through its implementation of the whole-child strategy:

  • integrated student supports, including mental and physical health services and addressing food and clothing insecurities
  • expanded learning opportunities with enrichment and academic supports, arts, athletic leadership, and STEM and mentoring programs
  • family and community engagement with focuses on job readiness, employment opportunities, and wraparound services for families
  • community connectedness and partnerships to support the needs of families and students.

The next level for the schools to reach will be the “Achievement” level, where school outcome data improves as a result of the work the schools are doing to impact the whole child. Hill said the CCSD schools are laying the foundation of that now by removing non-academic barriers to students achieving success. 

"We are extremely proud of these schools' commitment to the whole-child strategy,” said Soraia Felgenhauer, CCSD’s Director of Family and Community Engagement. “Their dedication to creating well-rounded learning environments has significantly impacted our students' academic and personal lives. This recognition is a testament to our educators' and school leaders' hard work and innovation."