CCSD Wellness Collaborative Monthly Focus: Community Occupational and Environmental Awareness

wellness collabOctober 25, 2023

This month, the CCSD Wellness Collaborative is focusing on occupational and environmental wellness in the community. 

The Wellness Collaborative Committee chose this focus because October marks the beginning of open enrollment for 2024 health benefits for our district staff and many other employers. These benefits provide staff with many tools to support their family’s well-being. We understand this is a resource for one part of our community and would like to highlight how our communities and environments (especially where we work) can impact our wellness. 

This month's focus can seem broad, and it is! The communities where we hold space impact our physical and emotional health. That’s why we decided to focus on community wellness, which includes all of our environments – where we live, work, and play. These environments include both our physical structures and our emotional environments. This means how we interact with each other and create psychological safety, defined by Harvard Business Review as, “ a shared belief held by members of a team that it’s OK to take risks, to express their ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes — all without fear of negative consequences.” 

Resources for Promoting community wellness: 

We want to share our Trauma Informed Environmental Checklist and the National Institute for Health's Environmental Wellness Checklist. Both are great resources for supporting environments that promote  physical and emotional well-being, whether they be our offices, schools, homes, or community spaces.

If you didn’t catch it last month, you can find our Monthly Wellness Focus and share your ideas to collaborate on our wellness journey!