CCSD Receives State Grant to Help with Math Instruction at Elementary Schools

February 1, 2024

CCSD has received a $100,000 Numeracy Development Mathematics Grant from the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), which will provide the district with an opportunity to support elementary school students with building a solid foundation in numeracy using innovative instructional practices.

The grant, part of a $3 million disbursement to districts across the state, will allow CCSD to expand its implementation of the Georgia Numeracy Project (GNP) to all 14 of its elementary schools and better serve nearly 770 students in grades K-5 who have been identified as in need of additional educational interventions and support.

“We are honored and excited to be awarded the K-5 Numeracy Development Grant, which recognizes our commitment to fostering mathematical proficiency in the crucial early years of education,” said Desylin Culliver, CCSD’s Math Curriculum Coordinator for elementary schools. “This grant will enable us to continue to implement intervention supports that address the unique needs of each student, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.”

A no-cost, evidence-based resource offered by GaDOE that CCSD began implementing in 2021, the GNP introduces teachers and teacher leaders to the trajectory through which learners establish a strong foundation in numeracy. The GNP is specifically geared toward enhancing students' comprehension of numbers and their ability to employ numbers in problem-solving. It employs a framework that gauges students’ level of ability and ensures that the educational activities they engage in are tailored to meet their needs.

CCSD will use the grant funds to expand access to professional development sessions and resources for teachers and intervention materials for both teachers and students. The district will also create and purchase instructional kits (including reproducible materials) to support the use of tasks and activities. In addition, ongoing GNP training at the schools will allow the district to build a larger cohort of teacher leaders.

To gauge the effectiveness of the implementation, CCSD will continue to monitor its progress using MTSS (multi-tiered systems of support) structures, professional learning evaluation forms, and a review of student performance on the Georgia Milestones assessment (GMAS). Success will be measured by a reduction in the number of students requiring additional educational interventions, accompanied by a decline in the number of students scoring at the beginning level on GMAS.