CCSD Announces May, June Sale of Surplus Technology Property

May 28, 2024

Per Board Policy DO: School Properties Disposal Procedures and Board Regulation DO-R(1): School Properties Disposal Procedures, CCSD will continue to periodically offer surplus items for sale to the public, starting with Athens-Clarke County residents and/or organizations.

This month, CCSD is offering the sale of five pallets of surplus technology items, including computers, monitors, printers, and other accessories and is now accepting bids on those items.

All pallets are sold as a whole pallet; item(s) cannot be picked out of a pallet to purchase individually. The five pallets all have starting prices of $1,000

Organizations/individuals have until noon (12 p.m.) Monday, June 10, to submit their bids using this form

Click here for more information about the sale.