Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. David Brownlee

"As a resource teacher, I go into many classrooms, and I can say David Brownlee is one of the most dedicated, outstanding, positive teachers I have ever seen. He’s built an incredible community of learners in a challenging virtual setting. As a teacher in a collaborative classroom, he treats each student with amazing care and equity. Mr. Brownlee challenges his students to be the best people they can be -- to grow and set goals. Every student in his class feels like they have a family and support at school. Mr. Brownlee welcomes every teacher into his classroom in a truly collaborative way. He pours his heart and soul into his students, and the result is unbelievable! He makes me feel like I am a part of his class community. Mr. Brownlee is a true team player and leader within Barnett Shoals.”  ~ Submission entry

Aliceson Nobles, principal at Barnett Shoals Elementary, shares this about Mr. Brownlee:

"He is a Champion for our Barnett Shoals scholars and creates an environment where high expectations are the norm for all of his students. He makes it his mission to connect with students beyond the classroom. As a product of CCSD, he uses the love and pride that he has for this community to fuel the passion he has for teaching students and collaborating with colleagues. Mr. Brownlee is truly worthy of being honored as an Employee of the Month!" 

Thank you to the Foundation for Excellence and the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce for supporting this program with over $1000 in award money and donations from local businesses. Click here to submit an Employee of the Month Form.