March Employee of the Month: Gary Veneable


Congratulations to Mr. Gary Venable, Technology Support Specialists for being named "Employee of the Month!"

"Within CCSD, Mr. Gary Venable is a lot like those really famous celebrities who are instantly known by just one name: Aretha, Barack, Beyonce. When most of us say or hear 'Gary,' we know who it is. Gary may think we only know who he is because we contact him when we have a problem. He may think we forget him after he has assisted us. Nothing is farther from the truth. Because of his selfless dedication and utmost professionalism, WE are better every day! 

No job is too big or too small for him. He makes every staff member feel like you are his only customer. Gary also supports instruction -- he knows and cares about our ability to reach and teach our students. Gary is an essential worker, and CCSD depends on him." ~ Submission Entry