COVID-19 Dashboard

To provide additional clarity and real-time data regarding the number of cases of COVID in our schools, a CCSD COVID-19 Dashboard is available on the district website containing automatic hourly updates. We hope our community will find this additional data helpful as we work together to provide a safe learning environment for the students of Clarke County.

  • The CCSD COVID-19 Dashboard displays positive cases in the past 14 days and 30 days across the district and by each school, with hourly updates. 
    • Previously, data was reported in 7-day increments and was only updated each Friday.
    • This new 14-day window will allow us to communicate more school-level data, as those numbers are typically too small to report in 7-day increments.
  • Precautionary quarantines will continue to be reported at the district level; however, it will now show the total percentage of students and staff combined to provide additional context for the data.
  • A graph of monthly counts illustrates trends at both the school and district levels.

Click to view the CCSD COVID-19 Dashboard