Student Registration

CCSD student registration is now fully online! Click here for the registration application (available in English and Spanish). For those coming to the Student Registration Center in-person for assistance, an appointment must be made. For pre-K registration assistance, go here to schedule an appointment. For K-12 registration and all other in-person assistance, Schedule an appointment. 

Online registration is required for students who are new to CCSD or returning from another school system. Once you complete the online process, the registration team will review your information. If something is missing, they will contact you for clarification. If not, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

*Please note: Due to the volume of registrations, it may take our staff a number of days to confirm your enrollment. We appreciate your patience.

To Complete Registration, You Will Need The Following: 
• 2 Proofs of Residency - Dated within 30 days of registration.
• Parent/Guardian ID or Passport
• Student's Birth Certificate or Passport
• Student's Social Security Card (Used for the purposes of identification and for application for the HOPE scholarship and post-secondary applications. Parents/guardians may sign a waiver stating they do not wish to provide their student's Social Security information at enrollment.)
• Georgia Immunization Form 3231 (For those moving to Clarke County from another state or country, immunization records will have to be transferred to a Georgia Immunization Form 3231 prior to enrollment.)
• Custody Document (if not the birth parent).

Please follow the links on the left-hand side of this page for additional information on PK-12 registration and other enrollment-related topics. 

Proof Of Residency

All bills must be currently dated within 30 days of the day of registering. 

The utility bill must be in the name of the parent completing the registration or their spouse if married. If you live with someone else, here is to schedule an appointment for an in-person visit. The person who owns or rents the property must be present for the appointment and provide residency documents and ID.

For all utility bills, be sure the service address and the mailing address are visible.

If you are living with someone who owns or rents the residence and need a Certificate of Residence notarized in our office, you will need to schedule an in-person appointment with Student Registration along with the owner or renter to complete a Certificate of Residence. If you would like the form to be notarized outside our office, click to access the Certification Of Address Form. This form must be completed by the renter or owner and notarized in front of a notary.

Student Registration Center

District Office
595 Prince Avenue
Athens, GA 30601

Carla Fonseca
Student Registration Coordinator
Email Carla Fonseca
706-546-7721, ext. 79611

Arsenio Cooper
Records Manager
Email Arsenio Cooper 
706-546-7721, ext. 79607

Para información en Español, Carla Fonseca: 706-546-7721, ext. 79611 / Email Us

For other languages, call: 833-599-2058 (عربي, ဗမာ, हिंदी, ကညီကျိ, 한국인, português, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Tiếng Việt)