Student Leadership Team

  • 2023-2024 Bettye Henderson Holston Elementary School



    Program Description:

    Students in 4th and 5th grades may apply to be a Student Leader. Students may apply for one or more of the following Student Leader jobs:

    • Role Models - Role Models assist teachers in lower grade classrooms (PK-2) and serve as a role model to the younger students. In their assigned classrooms, Role Models may help with morning and afternoon routines, take lunch count, check agendas, collect homework, sharpen pencils, read to students, help students pack up at the end of the day, assist with dismissal, or do any other appropriate tasks as delegated by the teacher. 

    • Student Ambassadors - When we have special visitors to our school, student ambassadors will meet them in the front office and escort them to their destination.  They will also provide tours of the school when needed. For after-school events, they will serve as hall monitors to help families and community members find their destinations.

    • Flag Attendants - Flag Attendants raise and lower our United States and Georgia State flag each morning and lower and fold these flags each afternoon. They will take the flag down if it begins to rain. It is imperative that Flag Attendants arrive at school on time.

    • Safety Patrols - Safety Patrols are stationed along the hallway in the morning and afternoon to ensure students are moving quietly and safely through the hallways. Some also assist with car riders.

    • Peer Mediators - Peer Mediators are 4th and 5th graders who are trained to serve as mediators between students who are in conflict. Their goal is to help parties involved come to a peaceful resolution. They will receive special training on how to be a peer mediator and will have to complete a report at the end of each mediation.

    • Green Team - Members of the Green Team help with recycling, tending to our gardens, and other projects that promote conservation and being “green”.

    • Office Helper - Students will assist the front office with tasks such as assembling documents for Thursday folders, running errands, and shredding.

    • Media Center Assistant and Dolphin TV anchor- Students assist the media specialist as needed and help do Dolphin TV in the media center.


    Students must complete an application, obtain a teacher recommendation, and participate in an interview. Not all students that apply will be selected.  Applications and recommendations are due by Friday, September 1st.


    Student Leader Selection Process


    Angie Wilkerson-

    Tamara Ware-