The Charter System


    The Clarke County School District officially became a Charter System July 1, 2016.

    Facts about Charter Systems:

    • A Charter System is established through a contract between the local Board of Education and the State Board of Education (see the CCSD Charter Contract here)
    • Currently, there are 42 Charter Systems across Georgia
    • Charter Systems are given more flexibility from one-size-fits-all state laws, rules and restrictions through the use of waivers
    • Charter Systems are expected to increase student achievement by using flexibility to use new and innovative approaches to education
    • In Charter Systems, individual schools have more local control over governance
    • In Charter Systems, parents, families and community members share in school decision-making

    In CCSD, the mission of the Charter System is to:

    • Focus on creating dynamic Local School Governance Teams (LSGTs) with real decision-making authority at each school made up of the Principal, parents/guardians, school employees, community members, and students.
    • Implement innovative programs and services that are aligned to the assets and needs of students, families, school staff and communities.
    • Improve student achievement by improving student wellbeing, while taking a holistic approach to education.
    • Grow future community leadership through recruitment, training and service.
    • Challenge our LSGTs and our community to use their skills, passion, expertise and resources to help our students and schools to succeed.


    Local School Governance Teams (LSGTs):

    • Have a real voice in school decisions related to school improvement, goal-setting, operations, curriculum & instruction, school finances and personnel.
    • Identify strengths and areas of need in the school and surrounding community.
    • Create and implement plans that focus on student success, as well as the overall wellbeing of the school and surrounding community.
    • Apply for and receive funding from the district to implement innovative programs and services.
    • Act as ambassadors for schools in their communities.
    • Follow the bylaws found here.

    Each LSGT includes:

    • The School Principal (co-chair)
    • 3 Parents/Guardians (voted on)
    • 3 School Employees (voted on)
    • 3 Community Members (selected)
    • 1 Student at Middle and High School only (selected)
    • Up to 2 At-Large Members (selected)


  • Chief of Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

    Claire Suggs

    Phone: (706) 546-7721, ext. 20784