Department Overview

  • The goal of the Operations Department is to provide well-constructed facilities, safe transportation, proper nutrition, state of the art technology, and a safe environment conducive to learning. Operations is the department that keeps the Clarke County School District running!



  • Community Oversight Committee


    The role of the Community Oversight Committee (COC) for the Educational SPLOST is to serve as an effective liaison connecting the individual school/project committees, the Clarke County Board of Education, and the project manager so that we may all be effective stewards of the sales tax revenue for the benefit of the students and citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

    • Click here to view the list of members currently serving on the COC.
    • Questions? Contact: Dexter Fisher,, 706-546-7721, ext. 77551.

    If you would like to serve on the Community Oversight Committee, please contact:

    Monica Miller
    706-546-7721, ext. 77552