Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

  • Our mission is to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens by fostering the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a multicultural environment.

    Our vision is for all CCSD students to graduate as college- and career-ready, fully prepared for their life beyond graduation.

    Educational equity is the foundation upon which the Clarke County School District does all of its work. Equity requires that we create the conditions and provide the resources to ensure that each student has what they need to thrive and be successful, because each student and school has different needs. Equity requires fairness regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or disability.

    CCSD's Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 centers around five priorities and commitments:

    1. Student Achievement - Prepare every student for college and career success.

    2. Community Collaboration - Engage families, community members, and civic organizations as active partners.

    3. Climate & Culture - Provide a welcoming environment and positive school and district culture for students, families, and employees.

    4, Human Capital & Development - Recruit, develop, and retain effective teachers and staff who meet the district’s diverse needs.

    5. Financial & Operational Effectiveness - Manage and protect public funds and assets through efficient and effective use of available resources.

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