The Charter System

  •  What is a Charter System?

    A charter system is one of three governance models the state of Georgia requires school districts to select. Charter systems operate under a contract between the state board of education and the local board of education. With the charter system model, school districts gain flexibility from most state laws and regulations in exchange for increased student achievement goals. Flexibility allows charter systems to use new strategies to better meet the needs of their students. Charter systems must also maximize school-level governance through local school governance teams. The teams have a real voice in critical decisions about their schools.

    The Clarke County School District became a charter system on July 1, 2016, and is one of 46 charter systems across the state. CCSD's charter contract is available here. The district's annual charter system report is available here.

    What is a Local School Governance Team?

    A local school governance team is a group of parents/guardians, educators, and community members who work together to support student learning and well-being in their school. Their responsibilities include:

    • Approve and monitor the school growth plan
    • Participate in the principal hiring process by selecting finalists
    • Provide input into key decisions including budget and personnel

    In Clarke County, LSGTs also help design strategic initiatives tailored to the specific needs of their students, which are funded with charter system funding. These initiatives include:

    • Summer and after-school enrichment programs
    • Restorative justice and mindfulness programs to address students' behavioral and social-emotional needs
    • High-quality professional learning for teachers
    • Workshops to help parents support their students' academic success and healthy development

    Who Serves on an LSGT?

    • Principal
    • 3 parents/guardians (elected)
    • 3 teachers/staff (elected)
    • 3 community members (selected by LSGT)
    • 1 student (middle and high schools, selected by LSGT)
    • Up to 2 at-large members (selected by LSGT)

    Members serve two-year terms except for students, who serve one-year terms. Members can serve two consecutive terms.

    How Can You be Involved?

    By serving as a community member on an LSGT! If you want to serve as an LSGT community member, please fill out this form. Requirements are time, enthusiasm, and a commitment to CCSD students. LSGTs will select new community members this fall.