Flyer Distribution

  • Approval Procedure 

    • Please submit an electronic copy of the flyer to be distributed.
    • No more than two flyers per organization per year will be approved.
    • Please include a complete listing of schools where you would like to distribute the flyer.
    • Flyers promoting events or items that have a fee must include financial aid or scholarships. The actual flyer/brochure must state the availability of financial aid or scholarships. An annual report of scholarships may be requested.
    • Flyers that promote for-profit camps, after-school, and tutorial programs will not be approved for distribution in take-home folders; however, they will be allowed to be posted in school information centers.
    • Information intended for a specific group of individuals must not be discriminatory.
    • CCSD will not approve flyers that name candidates for public office or those that violate the school district’s anti-discrimination policy.
    • CCSD may approve flyers that promote professional services or merchandise or businesses when they provide significant benefits to our school population.
    • Flyers must be submitted in English and Spanish to be considered for approval. 
    • Approval letters only grant permission for the flyer submitted for approval. The letter may not be altered or used to distribute other flyers.
    • The approval letters do not grant permission to use a CCSD facility for a program or activity. School principals must approve events held at schools. 
    • Approval notification will be provided by e-mail.
    • Submit requests to:

    Dr. Cyndee Perdue Moore
    Executive Director of Public Relations and Communications