Employee of the Month

Howell Congratulations to Evan and Melissa Howell, selected as the Employee(s) of the Month!

“When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, the Howells immediately jumped into action, helping our nutrition staff bag food and load buses, and serve at Hilsman's drive-thru service. They worked the site every day of the summer -- arriving early, staying late, and sharing smiling faces and handwaves to the students and families they served. It was such a delight to watch kids waving out of a car window when they saw the Howells. It was also sad when kids realized they couldn’t get out of their car and receive a big Howell hug. I remember one day, a young student walked from his neighborhood to Hilsman to see Ms. Howell. He was sad that she could not hug him, but he told me, ‘She cares about me, and I love her.’ When school started in the fall, the Howells continued to work to deliver meals and coordinate various supply efforts, including searching online sites for refrigerators, beds, and supplies families needed. We are lucky to have Evan and Melissa on our team and in our community." ~ Submission Entry
"I have worked with few individuals who are more committed to serving a school community than Evan and Melissa Howell.  Whenever I express my appreciation to them for another act of selflessness, the response is always, 'Whatever we can do to serve.'  And whenever I ask them to participate in or take on an extra task for the school, again, the response is always, 'Whatever we can do to serve.'  I am incredibly proud OF them and grateful TO them for their commitment to the children of Gaines Elementary School.  They Make Gaines!" ~ Dr. Luther McDaniel, Principal