Whit Davis Parent-Teacher Organization

  • PTO Officers:

    President: Callie Holmes

    Vice President: Jacque Kibbe

    Treasurer: Kimberly Dumont

    Secretary: Elizabeth Walker

    2023-24 PTO Meeting Schedule

    August 15 - Meeting Minutes

    September 19

    October 17

    November 14

    December 12

    January 16

    February 20

    March 19

    April 16

    May 14


    Link to Full 2023-24 PTO Calendar


    Sign up for our email list, run via Google Groups: https://forms.gle/Aom5tFQHFER6p6Xq9


    Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whitdavis


    Contact us at whitdavispto@gmail.com


    Donate via Paypal: @whitdavismoney


    Monthly business meetings are led by the PTO president, attended by at least one member of the administration and are open to ALL Whit Davis families. No membership registration or fees are required.