Our Mission

  • The Clarke County School District is an ambitious community of learners in a diverse and culturally rich county. We are committed to equity and excellence through the implementation of rigorous standards in a safe and supportive environment — on every campus, in every classroom and for every child.


Our Vision

  • We envision a Whit Davis that is characterized by its culture of compassion and is identified by excellence in academic achievement and promotion of a positive and restorative culture. Whit Davis is a community that feels heard, valued, and is able to access their fullest potential. Students learn to take ownership of their actions, meet high expectations, and feel safe and supported by their teachers and peers. Staff are committed to a growth mindset related to learning and behavior and demonstrate mutual respect for each other as well as their students and families. Families understand the importance and value of their involvement in the Whit Davis community and feel welcomed in our community of learning.